Die besten Debitkarten zum Ausgeben Ihrer Kryptowährungen

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Before you start DIY with cryptocurrencies please read our recommendations.
The Crypto.com card is ideal because it has no fixed fees and offers up to 8% cashback in CRO tokens on spending. The version we recommend to start with is the Ruby Steel card, which requires you to hold €350 in CRO tokens for the first 6 months and offers 2% cashback. If you don't want to tie up cash in CRO tokens, you can apply for the basic Midnight blue card which offers a 1% cashback. Use this link to get a $25 bonus by ordering a Ruby Steel card or higher.
The Binance card is another great payment instrument that offers up to 8% cashback in BNB tokens on spending. The basic card offers 1% cashback, has no fixed fees and has high daily limits (€8,700 spending and €290 ATM), but can charge a fee of up to 0,9% on each transaction (both point of sale and ATM). In order to increase the cashback, BNB tokens need to be stacked. Use this link to sign up for Binance and get your next card.

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is the one-to-one consultancy service that makes you operative in 48 hours

Bitcoin Kit Full


  • Training on sending and receiving cryptocurrencies;
  • Registration in the cheapest and most liquid exchanges;
  • Follow up in the conversion EURO Crypto;
  • Secure configuration of a personal or corporate wallet, with single or multi signature, of which you are the sole holder of the recovery keys (seed);
  • How to store the seed with high security criteria;
  • Configurations to auto-convert in EURO every crypto transaction received on a specific address;
  • Anonymity and irrevocability of transactions.

Bitcoin Kit Premium


  • Services included in Bitcoin Kit Full;
  • Technical information about DeFi (Decentralised Finance) applied to generate passive incomes with cryptocurrencies and FIAT money;
  • Activation of the best crypto cards with cashback;
  • Technical assistance in the creation and automation of accumulation plans.

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