Are you sure you prefer do-it-yourself with bitcoin?

Dezentralisierung bedeutet
finanzielle Verantwortung des Einzelnen.

In anderen wörtern, Wenn du bei deinen Kryto-Zahlungen Fehler machst

bedeutet dies einen irreversiblen
Verlust deines Geldes.

At this point, if you think you are ready to proceed on your own

take into consideration
some valuable advices

Use only safe wallets where you own private keys and seed. Without such information, if your hardware breaks you will irretrievably lose the funds.
Seed und Private Keys
Do not give anyone - never and in any case- the private keys and the seeds of your wallets, because it's equivalent to provide your bank account credentials.
Wie man das Seed behält
Never save to file the seed of your wallets, soon viruses will only look for this information. Write it on paper, copy it on multiple sheets and store it in different places.
Use Reliable Exchanges
Use only reliable exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies, then move the funds to your wallets. Never leave large amounts in exchanges because they are hackable.
Überprüfen von Adressen
Check more times the correctness of the addresses when you make transactions. Better to copy and paste. Once sent to the wrong address, the funds are lost.
Zu gutaussehend = Betrug
Pay close attention to online scams, you're in a poorly regulated market. Always beware of too favorable conditions and operations that do not appear sustainable.

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Bitcoin Kit Full


  • Training on sending and receiving cryptocurrencies;
  • Registration in the cheapest and most liquid exchanges;
  • Follow up in the conversion EURO Crypto;
  • Secure configuration of a personal or corporate wallet, with single or multi signature, of which you are the sole holder of the recovery keys (seed);
  • How to store the seed with high security criteria;
  • Configurations to auto-convert in EURO every crypto transaction received on a specific address;
  • Anonymity and irrevocability of transactions.

Bitcoin Kit Premium


  • Services included in Bitcoin Kit Full;
  • Technical information about DeFi (Decentralised Finance) applied to generate passive incomes with cryptocurrencies and FIAT money;
  • Activation of the best crypto cards with cashback;
  • Technical assistance in the creation and automation of accumulation plans.

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